MDI Leadership Training:
Team Leader 
About the Training Event
The Leadership Training Series is designed to prepare a man to lead himself and others with a purpose.  The training covers distinctions in leadership that are uniquely masculine and create clarity, power, purpose, motivation and clear accountability for each man that completes the program.
Each section of the series is composed of a full ONE Day Immersion event followed up by an optional 6-week coaching program designed to condition you for success in implementing the tools you learned during the one day classroom experience.
Saturday January 20, 2018
 2193 Plantation Lane, Chamblee GA 30341
8am to 6pm
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You Will Learn About the Following Topics in this Leadership Training:
  • Master the CPR technology used to develop your plans
  • Clarify your thinking to create personal power and effectiveness
  • Get the help you need to accomplish your goals and produce breakthrough results in your life
  • Learn the Team Dynamics that create successful teams
  • Discover the power of accountability and support
  • Learn to give and receive valuable, life changing feedback
  • Train your brain for lifelong success
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Upcoming Live Event Information and Pricing
If you are not a member of MDI and decide to take the class in person, the following prices may apply.

  • Members of MDI:  $45 in Advance or $ 75 at the door.
  • Non-Members:      $145 in Advance or $175 at the door.